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Flutter Best Practices

flutter best practices

Flutter has gained tremendous popularity since its release in 2017. From the application for Hamilton music to Xianyu app by Alibaba, we have seen a wide range of apps built on Flutter. As we move ahead in 2023, we have to question if we all can use Flutter to yield similar performance. Will getting a list of the best Flutter developers for hire can help you create the best application? Just like any other application, certain practices can help you get the maximum benefits. These practices will help you avoid the common pitfalls that keep you away from developing a high-performance application.

Some of the best practices that can be followed to get the best results in flutter app development have been listed below:

1. Choose widgets over methods for refactoring code

Most of the developers must be familiar with refactoring methods in the flutter app development. But refactoring into methods has a downside. If you have created a very big build method then it can start to rebuild without any changes in the build method. Choosing widgets over methods will allow you to leverage all the benefits of the widget lifecycle. This implies that the rebuilding takes place only in case of any changes. Lesser rebuilds significantly enhance the performance of the application. When you hire flutter app developers, ask them to look into this aspect. 

2. Use opacity and clipping carefully

Both opacity and clipping can be expensive. To work around opacity, you can use a transparent color to draw shapes and texts instead of using an opacity widget for wrapping shapes and texts. Similarly, the flutter developers can use the FadeInImage widget to induce fading in any image. Coming to clipping, it is disabled by default and should only be enabled when needed. Try to minimize its use. For instance, use the borderRadius property to create a rectangle with round corners. This way, we can save the use of clipping rectangles.

3. Apply solutions that minimize the application size

Application development is an extensive process that involves many components including widgets and scripts. The data of all these components will consume a lot of time and memory in storing and processing them. This will negatively affect the performance of the application. What to do in such cases? You can employ some packaging solution that is meant to bundle the android applications. For the best results, you should hire flutter app developers. 

4. Develop frames rendering less than 16ms

In the profile mode, the application should render under 16ms. A lower frame render time will help you with the thermal issue and battery life. However, there may not be any visible changes in the application. With the growing use of 120fps devices, you can think of developing applications with frame renderings under 8ms. This will help the app owners deliver a smooth experience on every device. Hire flutter developers to achieve this feat in your applications. 

5. Avoid functional widget

Every developer will agree that we come across a situation where we need separate UI code and widgets. Most of us do not create a separate widget. Instead, we use the functions that return the widget. Here one has to be careful of using functions to split the widget tree. Multiple widgets can lead to bugs and hinder performance optimization. Using classes instead of functional ones can set you free of such issues. 

6.Use the const keyword whenever possible

Using a const constructor for widgets can lessen down the work required for garbage collectors. This will probably seem like a small performance in the beginning but it actually adds up and makes a difference when the app is big enough or there is a view that gets often rebuilt.

Const declarations are also more hot-reload friendly. Moreover, we should ignore the unnecessary const keyword.

7. Have a ready test suit with a clear understanding

Even if you hire the best flutter developers in India or anywhere else, they cannot deny the benefits of automated testing. They save a lot of time and effort. 100 percent code coverage in testing is not always a possibility. However, we can run a fixed set of test cases to test the critical/changed/ affected functionalities. To achieve this, the developers need to have a clear understanding of the test cases. They should know what each test case brings forth. Create test cases before delivering the final solution to test it as soon as it is developed. To get the best app development, you can connect with a flutter app development company that can develop the application and also test it. 


Companies are hiring developers for flutter development in India and across the globe. Flutter is a great framework used to develop functionally-rich applications. The developer community is continuously growing. Today, you can easily hire a flutter app development company or remote flutter app developer to develop the best application. Flutter development when employed with these best practices can turn the tables in your favour in no time.