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Discover the Exciting New Features of Flutter 3.7


Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google for building high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications. It has gained widespread popularity due to its fast development cycle, beautiful UI, and rich set of pre-built widgets. With the release of Flutter 3.7, Google has continued to improve the framework, making it even more accessible and efficient for developers.

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Enhanced Material 3 support

To use these new features just turn on the useMaterial3 flag in your application’s ThemeData widget. To take full advantage of M3 support you will want a complete M3 color scheme. You can provide your own, use the new theme builder tool, or Flutter can generate one for you from a single seed color using the colorSchemeSeed parameter of the ThemeData constructor:

  theme: ThemeData(
     useMaterial3: true,
    colorSchemeSeed: Colors.green,

New rendering engine

Flutter team announce that the new Impeller rendering engine is ready for preview on iOS on the stable channel.

Dart SDK Upgrade

Another major announcement today is that Google is moving forward with its plans to release version 3.0 of the Dart programming language upon which Flutter apps are built. Dart 3.0 is available today for early alpha testing with a focus on requiring sound null safety.The full release is planned “by mid-2023”.

Text magnification

Another small improvement, although a big one for some users, is that text magnification in Android and iOS now works properly with Flutter’s text fields.

iOS release validation

When you release an iOS app, a checklist of settings to update ensures that your app is ready for submission to the App Store.

The flutter build ipa command now validates some of these settings, and informs you if there are changes that should be made to your app before release.

Other new features coming to Flutter include:

  • The ability to embed a Flutter view on a web page using a standard HTML div. A demo is available here.
  • Flutter web apps will be able to benefit from a new js package that enables JavaScript APIs to be called from Dart code, or vice-versa.
  • Google is exploring new ways to further deepen the integration of Flutter apps with each OS or platform.


Overall, Flutter 3.7 is a major step forward in making the framework more accessible and efficient for developers. With improved performance, new widgets, and better support for different platforms, Flutter 3.7 continues to be a popular choice for building high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications. Whether you’re a seasoned Flutter developer or just getting started, the new features in Flutter 3.7 are worth exploring.