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Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14

Flutter 2.5

Performance improvements, DevTools updates, new Material You support, a new app template.Developers using Google’s Dart language and its Flutter UI framework can now try out the latest stable releases.

As we all know Flutter is a mobile app SDK developed by Google for building high-performance, high-fidelity, apps for Android and iOS.

Google has just launched flutter latest framework version 2.5 and Dart2.14 on September 8, 2021 with lots of improvements and enhancements.

 The new version comes with the new UI toolkit, Flutter Engine, and many other improvements.making it a lot easier to deal with performance issues in your app. It also sports features like full-screen support for Android, reworked text editing, and keyboard shortcut switchability.

So What’s new in Flutter 2.5?

Full Screen in Android

A big change in Flutter 2.5 is better full-screen support for apps running on Android. The update brings the following new immersive modes:

  • Lean Back: tap anywhere on screen to display the system overlays.
  • Immersive: swipe on the edge of the screen to display the system overlays.
  • Immersive Sticky: similar to Immersive but allows the framework to handle the swipe.
  • Edge-to-Edge: display application elements behind the translucent system overlays.

Material You

Material You is Google’s latest version of Material Design. Also known as Material v3, it’s a pretty major revamp of the Material Design language. There are new shapes, themes, and even dynamic colour effects.

Flutter 2.5 introduces some Material You support options, including new FAB sizes and more theming options. It’s not a complete implementation yet, but it shows that Google is making progress.


In Flutter 2.5, if you happen to be addressing CPU performance issues, you are no longer overloaded with data from Dart, Flutter libraries, and the engine’s native code. Flutter 2.5 supports the functionality of turning off any of these so that you can focus on your code thanks to the CPU Profiler.

GC & message passing

Earlier, jank increased when the GC (garbage Collector) paused UI threads to save memory. The DART VM did this but not with optimal efficiency. In a bid to reclaim memory, more GCs were used in previous releases; now, memory for unused images is reclaimed eagerly, considerably reducing GCs.

Apple Silicon

Dart 2.14.1 has better support for Apple Silicon. The Dart SDK for Apple Silicon is now stable, and iOS emulators can be run on ARM64. Unfortunately, the Dart SDK included in the Flutter SDK doesn’t yet natively support Apple Silicon.


Pigeon is a code generation tool made for Flutter to help developers with code bridging between Flutter and native platforms. Pigeon uses a special interface descriptor syntax to generate Flutter, Java, and Objective-C stubs automatically. It’s even type-safe and null-safe.

Pigeon 1.0 brings the basic functionality to the stable channel, along with support for better error messages, generics, primitives, and multiple arguments

Visual Studio Code

With the updates to the Visual Studio Code plugin for Flutter, there are two new commands added to make it easier to install Dart and Dart Dev dependencies. There’s also now a Fix All command for automatically formatting and fixing lint issues in the current file.

On top of that, there’s a new test runner for Dart and Flutter code in preview that can be enabled in this version. This new runner will eventually replace the current one.

-So folks , this is all you need to know about Flutter 2.5 and how Google is on the way to striking developer gold with Flutter’s latest version. The Flutter community worldwide has pivoted rapidly to adopt Flutter version 2.5 to reap the benefits of this shiny new toy, and so have we.